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New baby. New world. New words. There’s an app for it.

Mouth. Nose. Eyes. Chin. Cheek. Ears. Eyebrows. Forehead. And Hair. Happy. Sad. And Angry.

BabyPlayFace has been designed exclusively for babies. Tap the screen and watch adorable animations accompany both written and spoken words. Heartwarming music and sound effects round out this earliest of educational experiences.

Original Music and Sound Design: Kevin Shand.
Voice-over Artist: Jordan Ruderman.

Celebrity Testimonial

  • Kristin Davis

    My daughter isn't old enough for screen time and I haven't started letting her play with my iPhone too much. But there's one exception: when we're flying. I think that constitutes an emergency, right? She is just captivated by all the other baby's faces and their expressions in the Baby Play Face App, and it definitely keeps her focused on takeoff.

    Kristin Davis Charlotte York Goldenblatt, Sex and the City

In App Purchases

  • Body

    Head. Shoulders. Chest. Tummy. Elbows. Hands. Knees. Feet. Tippy Toes.

  • Foot

    Big Toe. Toes. Little Toe. Heel. Ankle. Tippy Toes.

  • Hand

    Thumb. Index Finger, Middle Finger, Ring Finger, Pinky. Palm. Wrist. Thumbs Up.



  • Recording Studio

    You can record your own voice to say the words.


    You can select the background music your baby likes most from our library of original tracks.

  • Multi-Lingual Mode

    You can select multiple languages for the voice to say words, perfect for bi-lingual families or parents who want their baby to speak more than one language in today's global world.

    Video Recording (iPhone, iPod and iPad only)

    You can video record your baby learning words and share the memory via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

  • Expression & Phrases

    "Happy", "Sad", "Angry", “Dizzy”, “Tippy Toes” and “Thumbs Up” which trigger in rotation when baby shakes the device.

    AirPlay (iPhone, iPod and iPad only)

    iPad2 users can mirror on large displays, so even though BabyPlayFace is on a single device, it's now twice the fun.


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